The Child Who Was A Keyhole

In the Faxed Atmosphere

In the Faxed Atmosphere is a fairly obscure album by The Child Who Was A Keyhole (aka The Thirsty Cups, aka Moonboots). I bought a copy from CD Baby, and according to the booklet it is licensed under Creative Commons Sampling Plus 1.0. If you like it please buy the album; you get some awesome artwork too!

  1. Through the Middle of a Tree
  2. Micha in the Faxed Atmosphere
  3. Arm in the Foam
  4. We Were Alone
  5. You Ruined My Baby
  6. Knees High, Arms Low
  7. Ormus
  8. How I Adore the Runaway
  9. Driving on the T.V.
  10. Making Sense
  11. You Came To Stay
  12. Shortwave